Focus search when navigating up from the category view
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New features:
Show search results for bookmarked folders
Prevent a potential crash on startup
Minor updates: Mindre opdateringer
Show secondary click menu for search results
Launch apps selectively on integrated or dedicated graphics for systems with hybrid graphics
Show apps with no category under "Other"
Fix an issue where Flatpak apps wouldn't show until after a restart
Sort app actions above AppCenter search
Always hide Terminal-based programs
Remove document viewer from block list
Support fractions without leading number in calculator
Show overlay key in tooltip when set
Performance improvements Ydelsesforbedringer
Smoother navigation gesture in grid view and touchscreen gesture support Jævnere navigationsbevægelse i gittervisning og understøttelse af berøringsskærmsbevægelse
Focus search when navigating up from the category view
Don't focus search when pressing modifier keys
Ensure categories are sorted alphabetically Sørg for, at kategorier sorteres alfabetisk
Category view is now a list Kategorivisning er nu en liste
Improved keyboard navigation Forbedret tastaturnavigation
Improved keyboard navigation, including new tooltips and menu key support Forbedret tastaturnavigation, inklusive nye værktøjstip og understøttelse af menutaster
Highlight action matches in the search view Fremhæv handlingsmatchninger i søgevisningen
Add a "View in AppCenter" menu item Tilføj en "Se i AppCenteret" menu knap
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Not sure what to translate "Focus search" as.

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Not sure what to translate "Focus search" as.

a year ago


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