Various data from Weblate is available in machine-readable format.

RSS feeds

Follow the translation progress and all important changes from RSS feeds.

Project URL Link
Website RSS
Website/index RSS
Website/layout RSS
Website/capnet-assist RSS
Website/docs-installation RSS
Website/privacy RSS
Website/brand RSS
Website/docs-learning-the-basics RSS
Website/get-involved RSS
Website/oem RSS
Website/open-source RSS
Website/press RSS
Website/support RSS
Website/thank-you RSS
Website/Website RSS
Website/code-of-conduct RSS
Website/403 RSS
Website/404 RSS
Website/410 RSS

Per language RSS feeds are also available. Construct them by appending a language code to the URLs above.


Translation statistics for every component in JSON format lets you use the data in other websites or tools.

Project URL Link
Website/index View
Website/layout View
Website/capnet-assist View
Website/docs-installation View
Website/privacy View
Website/brand View
Website/docs-learning-the-basics View
Website/get-involved View
Website/oem View
Website/open-source View
Website/press View
Website/support View
Website/thank-you View
Website/Website View
Website/code-of-conduct View
Website/403 View
Website/404 View
Website/410 View

You can fetch statistics for all translations in one component like this:

curl \
    -H "Authorization: Token TOKEN" \
Project URL Link
Website Hook
Website/index Hook
Website/layout Hook
Website/capnet-assist Hook
Website/docs-installation Hook
Website/privacy Hook
Website/brand Hook
Website/docs-learning-the-basics Hook
Website/get-involved Hook
Website/oem Hook
Website/open-source Hook
Website/press Hook
Website/support Hook
Website/thank-you Hook
Website/Website Hook
Website/code-of-conduct Hook
Website/403 Hook
Website/404 Hook
Website/410 Hook

You pull changes from a remote repository to Weblate like this:

curl \
    -d operation=pull \
    -H "Authorization: Token TOKEN" \

Weblate also supports direct notifications from several code hosting sites:

Hosting site URL Note
GitHub The documentation has detailed instructions
GitLab The documentation has detailed instructions
Bitbucket The documentation has detailed instructions
Pagure The documentation has detailed instructions
Azure Repos The documentation has detailed instructions
Gitea The documentation has detailed instructions